We Ain’t No Nice Guys After All!

Avishek Sahu
May 25, 2018

Respect we don’t crave, it’s what you insist we take
So you could tolerate us more, with all the noise we make
Noise comes easy, we’ve seen the world go down on its knees
God forbid silence, or we’re destined to live like bees
Hunted from the beginning, honey we don’t make for you
We make it so you could have it, and not stink like only you can really do
With all the shit you go making, saying you’re the one that learnt to crave
Not knowing that we crave even more, but not the shit you deal with so brave
No not a high horse, it’s the light house we sit atop
Or you come banging into our shores and seek a share of our pretty crop
So go ahead, go urging us to fall,
That might just happen, we ain’t no nice guys after all!

*Dedicated to all the teachers I have known, and especially to two special gentlemen:
Shri Raghu Narayan Panda, the most consummate teacher I have come across thus far.
Mr. Balaram Swain, because anybody that can make Physics interesting is a man of the world!