The selfish me about my support for BJP

Avishek Sahu
February 20, 2016

I think that as having an ideology that veers towards what is defined as the Left, I owe an explanation as to why I have always implicitly supported the BJP. Really, that’s because I can tolerate being ruled by Indian Right-Wing, but just can’t tolerate being ruled by Italian Right-Wing. I also realize that there is no scope for the Left ideology to flourish without the complete wipe out of the Indian Congress Party, which according to me is nothing but a front for the Vatican. But the funds of the Congress are so deep, and my knowledge of the financial impotency of the Indian Left so vivid, that I realize no one party can engender a wipe out of the congress but a front of the Temple. Really, if anything can dare that financial might of the Church, it has to be the temple…right?! Of course in saying so I also realize that the Left in India can flourish not in spite of the BJP and its allies but actually only with their permission. In accepting so I am basically accepting that it is only the BJP that can pave the way for the Left parties to spread their ideology and succeed, for with the Congress alive, there can be no Left!! Hail BJP, Hail the Indian Spring!