The Punt is in the Wait for the Flow to hit Prime Time

Avishek Sahu
September 2, 2017

Never been enough to spend the days in such slumber
Wondering how it’ll be to wait for the next number
Calculated at last to do justice to the long drive
Made not on a hunch but for some Queen Bee reprieve
But ain’t I the one that ran away from duties
Tossing it all away with the money and the cuties
For just another shot at the old mind theories
That were forming up so cool with the road’s last purees
So now that I am back in the thick of your desires
Licking my old wounds till they all fall by the barbed wires
Weren’t they put up all about to have me lick dirt and grime
So my punt is in the wait for the flow to hit prime time

It has to be my way, for the highway sings my tunes
No shortcut to the movies, no shortcut to the sand dunes
The people you have around won’t have me stealing their piece
The people I have around won’t have me selling their peace
So brace up for the chance to make an offer he can’t just spurn
Not with his dime smelling black to see the world burn
Patience is no virtue, it’s the stuff that make legends stick
It’s the stuff that gets you down, it’s the stuff that makes my game tick
So what would work its charms is what you have to just figure out
With my life on the line, the work for me is so cut out
With a pay finely pruned there’s no need for me to go chasing slime
So my punt is in the wait for the flow to hit prime time