The Capitalist Economy

Avishek Sahu
February 12, 2016

Let me dwell as a layman on the most efficient conning tool of the extant Right-wing—The Capitalist Economy. Well, you know what? It doesn’t exist; yeah! The Capitalist Economy doesn’t exist. It just pretends to exist, in the form of Capital Markets, Foreign Trade, and the attendant tripe. You don’t have to be an economist to figure out that wealth actually cannot be created, it can only be transferred. Yeah! That’s true! The total wealth on earth is a constant; it can neither be created, nor—and this important—can it be destroyed. Why? Hell, money is just a reflection of Gold. Haven’t you read that you cannot go printing money to have your fill; yes, you can’t. Economies founder not when Capital Markets sink, but when your Reserve Bank prints more money than it has gold available. That’s the golden theory of Economics—you only have as much money as you have gold. If you have money but no gold, then really bugger, you have stolen it damn it. And it’s a no-brainer that the amount of Gold in this planet is a constant. It can neither be created nor destroyed.

So really, get this straight; no one, and I mean no one creates wealth—not Warren Buffet, and not Bill Gates. Warren Buffet has created zilch. Some loonies have just transferred a lot of their money into his bank account through the capital markets. Yeah, I understand that they may not have directly done that; and that he may have conned them into doing that but that really is for you capitalists to sort it out among yourselves. Microsoft has never created any wealth, it simply has transferred wealth from millions of MS users to itself. Countries can’t create wealth; their money printing prowess simply rests on the gold reserves they have! So really, tell me, what the fuck are we all fighting about? The crashing Capital Markets in China?! Hell, Alibaba is rich because millions of Chinese choose to transfer their wealth into building its might; Alibaba didn’t create any wealth! Indians of all people should just relax; for Dalal Street is so crass in operation that they don’t even pretend it’s for real; they pretty much give it away that the Markets are only a system to reward the dickheads who have grown a new hair in their ass.