The absurdity of BJP game-plan

Avishek Sahu
February 22, 2016

I will be very honest with you. I was terribly hopeful in 2014 when BJP came to power. I was hopeful because I always knew that India never actually got independence. I knew that the church ruled India before ‘independence’ via the British, and that the Church ruled India after independence via the Congress party. I have no problem with the Church per se except that the Church in India is not indigenous; whereas the Temple is. And since the temple in India is indigenous it can really be expected to truly represent the interests of the whole nation. So in 2014, I was hopeful that the temple will give us independence—independence from foreign forces, and independence from foreign interests.

But look at what the BJP is trying. Some say it is trying to create a Hindu rashtriya. There is no problem with the concept of Hindu rashtriya per se except that it is not viable. It is not viable because to achieve it you will have to use force—force of weapons, force of thoughts, force of ideology, force of propaganda, and force of money. And the problem with force is that whenever the masses are subjected to extreme forms of it, there will rise a Gandhi, a Guevara, or a Mandella that will topple the rulers. That is the thing about force; that has been proved by history time and again. What Gandhi’s legacy teaches us is that supreme leadership happens by winning the heart of the masses, not by the use of force. What it teaches us is that people will look up to you if you can show them that you stand for their interests unconditionally. And BJP with absolute majority and the backing of corporate houses was poised to do that, if it so chose. What made the setup more appealing was that India is known to accommodate spiritual heavyweights who would know better than anybody else that dwelling in the past and trying to correct it is simply self-defeating. Yet what we got to hear after 2014 is propaganda about the ancestry of minorities. They said that the minorities in India were Hindus centuries ago and that they should all acknowledge Hindu supremacy. That’s so silly. Who denies that? Who denies your explanations about ancestry? The point is why care? Why try to change the past when we should be looking at creating a better future. More importantly why question the past and force people to accept Hindu supremacy in India when the use of force would actually lead to undermining Hindu interests by questioning the legitimacy of Hinduisms claim to liberality. It is all the more absurd because what the BJP is expected to do IS actually to create Hindu supremacy! But they get it wrong—they get it wrong when they choose the wrong way to do that. Really, Hindu Rashtriya and Hindu supremacy are mutually contradictory. To create Hindu rashtriya you have to use force and thereby undermine the security of the country by creating a civil war and giving the Church a stronger foot hold in the country via the Congress party and its allies. Whereas to create a Hindu supremacy you simply have to truly make every Indian understand that you unilaterally stand for their interests irrespective of their religion or caste and irrespective of their debated ancestry. Then they will respect you, then they will look up to you, then they will back you. It’s not that tough really. Most minorities back the Congress party and therefore the Church because they have been clever conned into believing that the Church is not inimical to their interests. So when they fall for the con of the church, why can’t they fall for the genuineness of the Temple’s intent?

But no, what the BJP is doing by beating up students—whatever the reason—is basically putting its hands up in the air and telling the world: “Sorry church, we don’t have the brains or sophistication to rule India; please come back and take power back from us; please come back and rule this nation; please come back and con the populace into submission because we don’t know what it takes to win the hearts of the muslims, the Dalits, the people from the north-east and so many others. We can’t think beyond being followers, and we can’t figure out how to rule this nation.” Sorry BJP, you are blowing a big opportunity—an opportunity to create thousands of Chinmay Vidyalayas and Saraswati Vidya Mandirs where Muslim and Christian parents in India feel happy to send their kids to study and learn not about Hindu mythology but about Science, and History, and Geography, and more importantly learn about Gandhi’s philosophy through his actual teachings. Sorry because you are actually undermining the authority of the temple when you should be trying to make it supreme by making it representative of the interests of every Indian irrespective of caste or creed. Sorry because a Dalit today finds solace in Christianity and not Hinduism. Sorry because till this time through centuries of chaos, Hinduism still hasn’t learned anything from the sophisticate cunning of Christianity!! Sorry because the Left parties in India are backed by the Congress when they should actually be backed by the BJP—then you will have truly achieved independence!!