Sabotage of the Right (to be read in conjunction with my earlier post titled ‘There is no Left!’)

Avishek Sahu
February 12, 2016

There is not much in common between the likes of Trump and the one’s that make news in India for all the wrong reasons. They are actually one entity that manifests itself in natural terms as climate change. They describe the Left Wing as something alien and threatening, and mourn the existence of any institution that smacks of what they call ‘Left leaning!’ You know, by the definition that the retards have foisted upon us, I have to willy-nilly contend with being a Leftist and thus feel seriously marginalized. That is not the problem really for it reduces the issue to a personal level and thus deprives it of its due importance. The problem is that this definition of the Left Wing is unnatural, and by unnatural I mean, against the natural law. 

Let’s look at what the Right Wing, as per the de rigueur definition of ‘Right Wing,’ stands for. It basically stands for inequality with the justification that it is rather inevitable. That is basically what the Right Wing is all about. So we have in the US blacks that are treated as unequal to whites and we have in India inequality of various hues and kinds. This inequality takes in its Economic ramifications via that hoax called Capitalism responsible for subsuming reason in the most egregious manner. Since the economic manifestation of this de rigueur right wing has all but swallowed the better part of the world in its suited, booted appropriation through rape and plunder, the retards feel that somehow gives them the inalienable right to keep up with the farce of their very existence. That the issues they base their existence upon are downright baseless and against the natural law has been successfully glossed over with ultra-efficient manipulation of media—social and otherwise—bought with that same stolen Capitalist money. People were never meant to be unequal based on caste, religion, or race. To say that this manipulated inequality is inevitable is not just a gross violation of natural law, but also a clear sign of deception based on plunder made to rise above what rules our lives—spiritually. That is to say that the various manifestation of this de rigueur Right Wing has usurped natural spiritual laws that buttress the existence of mankind in the name of religion and all else. 

These people have to be shown the light; they have to have the light thrust in their face: light that makes clear that Bernie Sanders is actually Right Wing, that Corbyn is actually Right Wing, that JNU is actually Right Wing, with us Communists slogging it out on the Left, and Putin sitting pretty at the center. Sorry retards, the definitions have to change, and you won’t change it for the change will be thrust upon you. It is time for some good old war between the Left Wing and the Right Wing and that can only materialize when the actual Right Wingers stake their claim for the space they own, for the space they were born to own. Right now we have no one to fight, because the Right Wing consists of schizophrenic retards that don’t belong in the battlefield. They belong in rehab!