Playing Left With The Rock Band

Avishek Sahu
March 21, 2017

The schmooze in the booze wouldn’t keep up the downtime
When the rhyme gets the dime in the wink of a weed-mime
Nixed early in the soil to get you early to the center
Where you’ve been wanting so loud to fart when you enter
Your trip to the hills brought a tickle right down there
Thinking of you pushing with a glee of a stripped hare
Brushing down the pride you built for the project
Before you just got me to push the pedal on the eject
Now the hills then told me that was the start of the upside
If I could just see through the kicks land on my backside
With your grace by the window smirking wild at your pinstripes
Tearing through my mission with the passion of your wetwipes
Hot headed that you seemed seeking fast to say complete
With your buddies so giggly hoping hard for a retreat
I knew I had to wait to play Left with the Rock Band
Cause I visioned you shaking your raw deal with your right hand

Then your pawns all seemed ready with the pinch of the contraband
To get me in the hay without the air of a firebrand
That you saw in the charts I was crawling so off towards
With narry a chance to pull off the grave rewards
Ha you chuckled when I struck home the ta ta
You had your college all ready to tie me up for Bata
Stitched in the den of your frightful dear subordinate
Lining up at joints with that loyalty so inordinate
One look at her glance I knew what was driving her
So just were your gifts that she beheld behind that purr
Hoping to fashion out the coup of a lifetime
Dousing the hopes of a joker seeking playtime
But the stuff of the kitchen can’t make the likes of you sing ‘retard’
When the holes in your pockets leak everytime I push hard
To the charms of those arms while playing Left with the Rock Band
And a vision of you shaking your raw deal with your right hand

Don’t ask me why I thought I just wouldn’t cut through
To the side of your hunger that you fed with a breakthrough
Brought about by owning the cops and the wild hops
And the whole white world seeking paydirt from hip-hops
I just sensed in the cell of an egg-shaped nemesis
The wafting tight smell of a lithe young psychosis
Spreading through my system with the rush of a thunderstorm
Reminding of some time I didn’t have to crawl around like a worm
Picking up the pieces that the trees wouldn’t stop throwing at me
Laughing at the mess I just thought I could barely see
And the walls all closing fast with the clamour of a riot mob
That’s when I saw that little hole I had to latch on to or sit and sob
That hole was the hay you had ironed out to tie me up
And break me up so deep I wouldn’t want to risk getting up
But then I had to make it flow playing Left with the Rock Band
With the visions of you shaking your raw deal with your right hand