When I Forgot the Day that Passed along with the Bitch that Fucked it!

Avishek Sahu
July 2, 2016

Woke up late feeling messy as the daybreak
To the bell that sounds hoping for the jailbreak
That had to be coming to keep the poor man singing
And the eunuch in the shanty to have me running
For a catch in the park and a latch in the pantry
Built to cook us the cakes and the babies of the gentry… Read the rest

Teasing A Teardrop On Its Journey to War

Avishek Sahu
June 7, 2016

Weary of scumbags you sought out my humour
Hoping to strike through the shards of dull pain
Pestering you silly with its wink at true boredom
When the aching for glory has you full of disdain
Wouldn’t be no glory if you have to go swindle
And fob on the classy on a hick so beguiled
And prune your dark feathers colored in hubris
Waiting for me to can’t stand … Read the rest

Fucked up Coconut

Avishek Sahu
May 31, 2016

Groped in the air of the muck filled premises
Pruned in the water of the duck that promises
Of the charms of the ass to be had for her possession
And the buck of the temple that they stole out of obsession
With the hole in the head that just had to give away
From the pressure of the times when the dimes were a throw away… Read the rest

The Sorrows of a 2D Paan

Avishek Sahu
May 24, 2016

Grown in the fields where the white men peed faster
To get through the joys of the lost soul and the pastor
Both lost in the woods chasing birds of true wisdom
Pierced to their hoods with the batons of this kingdom
We ask from the roof for a leaf that smells pungent
With a whiff of true bitch that can be taken off the tangent… Read the rest

When the Blues Just Don’t Matter

Avishek Sahu
April 29, 2016

Sing me a song that shows the gal is so slimy
Playing those cheap games so my soul wants to leave me
With a Hench full of stench and a gun for a tickle
To poke into chicks with those beaks full of sickle
Find me a dame that goes mad from the show stuff
Find me a job that keeps my guard off the gal’s huff… Read the rest

The Troubling Premise

Avishek Sahu
April 18, 2016

Gimme some freedom from these wedges of anger
Gimme some freedom from thoughts of revenge
Gimme some freedom from the pain of the fright past
That I know no part of me should want to avenge

Wasn’t I profound and better than sad folks
Who couldn’t seem to find me better than them
Now that I’ve made more money than Jesus
Wouldn’t I be counted as heading the helm… Read the rest

The Politics of Survival

Avishek Sahu
April 14, 2016

Man I want to be smart and con the fucks to hell
With my brains so taut and tart and a will to cause a sell
Read through pages of power and the tips to hitch a ride
Through the hallowed grounds of punts and the punts that ride the tide
But every time I shoot that rabid mouth of mine
To show the bug his place and bang him … Read the rest

Give Away the Hoots!

Avishek Sahu
April 12, 2016

Burnt to the bottom with the new kid in town
Driving in the bonney that just shines all around
Heaving through the bunnies like it ain’t a last shot at hell
Wouldn’t you give me a piece of his sweet swaying swell
Wasn’t he the guy that took a candy from my bag
Wasn’t he the bloke that shook a penny off my swag… Read the rest

Making Way for an Airlift

Avishek Sahu
April 12, 2016

Fruits in the bucket thrown right out of five’s land
Brought to in luxury to purge through the merry band
Hoisted in the folk house to sing us the countries
With the phone off the hook sounding bells of the gentries

Setting up with coke for a showdown of the bad ear
Torn with the rub of an alien and a tart’s smear
To throw in the fish that swam … Read the rest

Hot Yoga on Wet Strips

Avishek Sahu
April 5, 2016

Hey Guru Guru, could you give me some yoga
Could you give me some freedom to numb out the rut?
That has me all sliding on and through circles
That circle my dear past and my life in that hut
Would you not tear me apart at the center
And breathe me anew with the charms of a blank slate
Would you not break through to the wonders of the … Read the rest

Leather & Sweat

Avishek Sahu
April 5, 2016

See the share brokers selling the soft shrift
Hedged on a gonner’s bet saving his pride
Asking to be taken beyond the sunset
When the whiskey could be taken in receding tide
When was the living so chaotic and dry
When was the success like singing a duet… Read the rest

The Virtues of Selfishness

Avishek Sahu
April 3, 2016

Hinged on a bird wire staring at the dew drops
Hoping for a tear drop to tear through the new props
That spread through the country heaping up on a heart stop
Brought through the screeches of the Bordeaux by the rice crop

Steer through the ming store changing dimes at the counter
Bartering the green bucks for the rhymes made from banter
Set up with a red baize for … Read the rest

The Secondary Primaries

Avishek Sahu
April 1, 2016

Vote to the fair of the gonners in the dink land
With a care in the beer can for the bozos in the death band
For the show is just over for all those in the know how
It’s just a last ditch try of the prime time and the chink chow
For a law that’s so woozy it makes me puke out of laughter
And a thaw that’s so … Read the rest

Don’t respect Women!

Avishek Sahu
March 31, 2016

No really, I don’t respect women. You respect women when not respecting a woman is an option. You don’t respect the Sun, nor do you respect the Moon, nor do you respect water or air. They make us; they are existence itself. I don’t believe in the equality of sexes: I don’t believe in the equality of the masculine and the feminine, because what I tend to understand of existence … Read the rest

The Runt’s Stupid Stunts

Avishek Sahu
March 27, 2016

Hey little dwarf in the pants of a mayflower
Don’t you wanna thrive on the punt of our Beckenbauer
And the blood that came to clot with the needle of a humped swine
Made to come with the flair of your charms hitting cloud nine

If he fails to last smoothing your choir in his chamber
Pull those sandals fast Jill bought you for the camber
That her dilly made … Read the rest

Agents Please Note!

Avishek Sahu
March 27, 2016
Read the rest

Are you serious?!!

Avishek Sahu
March 26, 2016

Read the rest

Cycle City Master

Avishek Sahu
March 26, 2016

How was it bozo squeezing back of your flower
Jumping around silly belling cats of the mayor
Hoping to be fleeced for the guts of the devil
Dying like a shit sucking muck made to cavil
Wasn’t she the one honking guns of the pistols
Lined up in the park banging buns of the crystal… Read the rest

The Tales of a Funky Monkey

Avishek Sahu
March 25, 2016

Pissed in the cot for the suck of the wild boar
Tossed in the muck for the buck of the kind whore
Bathed in the cum of the Marxist steeple
To spare us the bun of the fascist people

Mailed out of hell for a tryst with the batmen
Slighted for the bell he rang fast for hymen
That broke at the snap of his wild little fingers
And paid … Read the rest

The Curious Case of The Golden Bungalow!

Avishek Sahu
March 24, 2016

Jill came calling asking who is the big shot
Asking to be called in for the orgy in the back lot
With the dillies all heaving over the eyeless big wonder
Yearning to be taken to the white heaven oh yonder

Hell won’t give in to the piss march through beavers
When all it takes is a high tea with weavers
That sew their heart in for a whiff of … Read the rest

The French Coordinator

Avishek Sahu
March 23, 2016

Torn through the years of the east show in town
Worn through the days of the lost whore in brown
Won’t be no short-change for the last turn you took
When the hunks and the pinchers fell by the brook

Grieve you some more for the lost chance to hell
When borne from the cum was some big ringing bell
That you chose to ring for the desperate chance at … Read the rest

My Lessons in Creative Writing

Avishek Sahu
March 22, 2016

The EconomistThe Economist by The Economist
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The magazine I have read for many years now; over the past couple of years only in digital edition. Till recently it featured the most amazing prose I have found in any newspaper, magazine, or for that matter, book. I’ll be chivalrous and admit that I owe a large part of my growth as a writer to religious reading … Read the rest

World T-20

Avishek Sahu
March 21, 2016

Sunny in the dark are we losing our heads now
Playing through the motions hooking up for the big row
When the cunt comes calling for the pieces of red meat
That the laws of the new land spared to be cut neat

Paid to be strong through the mess of the freak show
Laid to be wrong when the betters get the wild blow
Won’t hurt no birdie singing … Read the rest

Movie Review—Kapoor & Sons

Avishek Sahu
March 21, 2016

Pretty in the face going nuts for the signboard
Pulled to the side with the cash of the wayward
Hoist in the air peddle fruits of the massage
Stolen from the pimp on a platter of discharge
Hemp are the seeds ground deep in the pestle
Snorted in the dark pulling nadas through the hustle… Read the rest

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Avishek Sahu
March 20, 2016

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