On Hinduism…

Avishek Sahu
December 28, 2015
The western world has always had an eye on India– to be precise, it has always had an evil eye on India. The reason is not hard to imagine: it has been proven in many ways that this is a somewhat magical land that holds gargantuan possibilities. The western world has invaded India time and again, but this land has survived, time and again, not because it is a cradle of brute power and vengeful retaliation, but because it is a cradle of one of the world’s most ancient, most evolved civilization. There has to be a reason that in spite of serious strife all around, this land has survived being the world’s oldest, most vibrant democracy. The reason is not Mahatma Gandhi—with due respect to the fact that he remains the most important statesman to have walked the earth till date—but the centuries old Hindu culture that pervades every aspect of life in this land. The culture is so profound and so pervading that willy-nilly it negates any negativity that comes its way. It is the Hindu culture (the centuries old culture, not the post 18thcentury divisive concoction of fascists) of justice, fairness, freedom, and equality that pervades the Judiciary in India—an aspect that is predominant in it being able to protect the fundamental rights of citizens all these years.
Now if BJP is the true protector of Hinduism, why is there no serious promotion of essential Hindu culture anywhere? Why are there no thumris on media; why is there no Bhimsen Joshi, Amjad Ali Khan, Zakir Hussain, Shiv Prasad Sharma on media? Where are the gharanas, and why don’t we get to know about them? Are they going to promote all that after they can engender ‘har har Modi’ in the Supreme Court? No my friends, there is no promotion of essential Hindu culture because their entire enterprise is geared towards misrepresenting the profoundness of Hindu Culture. Their entire enterprise is geared towards reducing the essence of Hindu Culture into base elements for furthering right-wing interests. That’s why the western world loves BJP. Because the western world is shit scared of India; the western world is shit scared of Hindus. Yes, the western world knows that Hindus hold the key to saving the world. And only intellect has the wherewithal to dissect, sharpen, and utilize the essence of a culture as profound as Hinduism to use it as a potent weapon in a non-violent war against vested western interests. India is the fulcrum point of Asia. What happens here will have a reflection on the rest of the world—an abiding reflection. And the only way to influence that in the favor of the west is to have friendly parties with vested interests within India launch a war of tantra through communication media—to corrupt Hindus and to corrupt the essential fabric that has preserved this land through all the petty politics. Don’t let the media fool you. There is enough independent, free thinking media (spearheaded by Hindus-True Hindus!!) within India to keep you from corruption’s harm. Finally, if you still don’t get what Hinduism is about, dim the lights, get a bottle of the best beer, put on ‘Raag Bhairav’ by Ustad Rashid Khan, and just let it all flow!!
© Avishek Sahu, 2015