Not Yet Inc.

Avishek Sahu
January 29, 2018

Freed from the blame of the tall man so needy
Told you to bring back the days of the greedy
That would have been more fun in the roads full of laughter
If not the fun in the run, what the fuck were we after

Then came the view of the big house so pretty
And the folks all around just had their eye on the kitty
The boys in the sun won’t give up for no reason
They had learnt from the start, bad luck was a season

The picks oh so wise had me tearing at my hair roots
You couldn’t have been serious, while I was wearing black boots
Even I for a moment thought, with these goons it was all gone
Till I saw a baby girl, I wasn’t there, but knew she was born

That meant clinging on to the wild hopes we were after
While there was no sunshine, while there was no laughter
In the face of the boy, we swore we’d bow down to
If not for the grace, then for being the only one I’d run to

So come roaming down the streets with those tic-tac small shoes
The biggies are all gone, but the small ones just won’t lose
Their hope of a lifetime flung on your wide shoulders
With the big house in waiting, just behind some big boulders