No Saints!

Avishek Sahu
September 5, 2016

Gandhi fights away for freedom, but he was ‘imperfect’; St.Teresa spends her life helping lepers but she had an ‘agenda’; Mandella bought good-sense but he had ‘issues’: this does not mean that people are bad or ungrateful, this just means that people can’t handle charity, and they can’t handle a favor done to them especially when it puts them to shame. That’s why I’d like to take away any scope that a person might have to do charity; that’s why I’d like charity abolished; that’s why I’d like everything owned by people themselves; that’s why I am a Communist!

When you can’t stand a favor done to you because it was backed by an ‘agenda’, ask yourselves when it was that you accepted a favor that wasn’t backed by one…or the other. There are no unconditional favors, there are only palatable agendas!