Is it my Dad or is it Me?!

Avishek Sahu
July 25, 2017

Have seen pictures of my childhood, never figured out what made me so happy
Looked for luxury in the background, found only my smile grown up from a nappy
There must have been an aura, or the wisdom you learnt in big schools
Or there must have been the wisdom that you brought when your Dad brooked no fools
Whatever it was, it isn’t easy living with that burden of lightness
That sprung all around me when the world all around was plunging to darkness
It isn’t easy remembering those days for no man would like to be in debt
A debt that can’t be surmounted, not in a million years, that both of us would readily bet
So I hear it’s your birthday, and that calls for some kind of celebration
A celebration of debt that I intend to burden with fancy states of inebriation

Now listen to me carefully Oh father, that likes victory coming single-handedly
You should have asked for a little help, or at least have let me known what troubled so unabatedly
If you chose not to, remember that you are cushioning me in luxury
The luxury of indebtedness, forgotten in a bout of debauchery
But I ain’t no fool, I wouldn’t let you take all the spoils of sweet victory
I am going to do you a favor, so you know favors don’t just birth in your factory
I am going to tell you I love you, in spite of all the tiffs we have shared
I am going to admit you won, despite all the talent you think I have bared
So celebrate being the boss, celebrate another chapter of encumbering me in debt
But I’ll even things out, and call you a friend, just like what we had once bet