How India Ceased To Be The Day It Was Deemed To Be!

Avishek Sahu
June 16, 2020

British India was British occupation of India. There was no Pakistan that Britain occupied, and there was no Pakistan ever that anybody else occupied. So, legally, the scope of Pakistan being an independent nation does not arise because then one would have to assume it was occupied by a foreign force in the first place to have been later declared independent. Not getting into the trivialities of who achieved ‘independence’ first, and when, it should suffice to point out that to call Pakistan an independent nation would be to aver that it won its independence either from British India, or from the India that came to be known as independent. Now the first conclusion is expressly nullified because Britain never occupied Pakistan to award it its independence, which only means, that Britain had to first free India for creation of Pakistan, which then again means that Pakistan has to have achieved independence from India for it to call itself an independent nation. Now then, if Pakistan achieved independence from India, then the power that be in India, by awarding recognition to an independent Pakistan, gave land to whom to build an independent Pakistan? If to muslims, then the conclusion that follows is that India awarded land to Muslims of British India to build their own independent state, and thus there was never any partition that took place in 1947 as is mentioned in countless literature on History.

If that is true, then India and Pakistan, both don’t exist, because as per historical mentions on their foundations, Pakistan was declared independent a day before India was! The other way to defend Pakistan as an independent state would be to say that the British awarded land belonging to British India to a section of Muslims to build their own state of Pakistan, which would then lead to the conclusion that Britain continued to occupy India and thus perpetuate British India by making its base in Pakistan. That leads to even more chilling conclusions because in that case, every vote in supposedly democratic India after 1947, is a vote for continued British occupation of India, and therefore only a device to democratically elect the Queen of England as The Queen of India, many, many years after singing paeans for lives lost in the fight for independence and for lives lost at the border that never was!