For A Pint of Mother’s Milk

First Published in Kindle Format with Amazon KDP—Kindle Edition—on 16th February 2016, ASIN: B01BW43VP8
First Published in Paperback with Amazon KDP—First Edition—on 6th February 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1520452975
First Published in India in Paperback—Indian Edition—with White Falcon Publishing, Chandigarh on 9th February 2018, ISBN-13: 9789387193031
First Published in Paperback in the extended marketplace—Revised Edition—with CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on 14th April 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1717006363
First Published as an ebook with Views From The Left Publishing Project on 6th Feb, 2019, ISBN: 978-81-940412-1-4


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International Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-81-940412-0-7
Date of Publishing: 8th February, 2019
Publisher: Views From The Left Publishing Project, Plot 2, Unit 3, Kharavela Nagar, Behind Ram Mandir, Bhubaneswar, Pincode-751001, Odisha, India. Phone: +91-904-062-5515; +91-674-297-1280
Imprint: VFTL
Pages(Numbered): 454
Pages(Total): 458
MRP: INR 699
Barcode Number: 9788194041207
Weight: 1.3 pounds



Victor Verghese grows up without his mother’s love, and spends the most part of his early life subconsciously living the lack in his dealings with the world. There is this irreparable void in his psyche that he simply must fill, and when he finds a girl—Sonal Dutta–who can do just that, he is left with an ideal he must chase. Infused with a new pulsating drive, he lands up in the preeminent management institute in the country only to end up in a bout of failed love and general disillusionment.

Wafting through life on weak emotional underpinnings, he courts an exotic adventure at the behest of a woman he had always been conditioned to avoid, chasing the most absurd ideal that even he knows is over the top even by his liberal interpretations of all things ‘implausible.’ Riding a wave of mystery and a healthy dose of twisted oriental exotica he comes back endowed with a life altering gift and leads to opportunities too nebulous to comprehend. As he pursues the leads on the back of his guts sharpened to survive without plans and certainties, he chances upon money that would give him a head start, a friend—Sonny Samuel–who would alter his life for the better, and a lover–Swati Mittal—who’d take him to great heights all the while threatening to steal him away from his greatest love.

In his quest to make good on the aspirations he had harbored since he was a young upstart chasing the queen of his dreams, his life is pulled in dangerous directions, and he suddenly stands on the brink of material and spiritual oblivion. If he makes good on the challenge posed by the most perfidious challenger, he along with his friends, stand to wrest control of a trove of clandestine riches and a peek into Bangalore’s underworld. Tentative, but ably spurred by his team’s most ingenious set of maneuvers, he does what his upbringing and education never conditioned him for, and gains access to a huge consignment of illicit loot. Now faced with the onerous task of liquidating the loot to secure their futures, his team shrewdly manipulates extant conventions and moral values to dodge potential enemies and deliver on a task feared even by the most seasoned drug cartels.

Armed with a deep reserve of black dough, he then traipses through the Bangalore real estate scene wresting deal after deal playing to the basest instincts and deepest desires of those in power, and swiftly turns himself from an eager, uncertain boy from small town Ranchi, India, into a towering Real Estate tycoon baying for the biggest deals around his adopted home state of Karnataka, India. In his thirst for power and status he has to break hearts and run roughshod over tender feelings of those that desire a piece of his life, with a singular aim of serving the interests of the woman he swears by.

As the deeper truth reveals itself, one finds out that in spite of all the power a man like Victor Verghese possesses, he is still the loving creation of a wider, complex network of riddles and secrets that buffets him around into a position of sublime personal power, and that in spite of his ignorance of the spiritual debts he owes, he is still cruelly left craving for more, and some more.

The author intends to lead the story into a set of 53 chapters, the first 21 of which feature in this book.

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