Don’t respect Women!

Avishek Sahu
March 31, 2016

No really, I don’t respect women. You respect women when not respecting a woman is an option. You don’t respect the Sun, nor do you respect the Moon, nor do you respect water or air. They make us; they are existence itself. I don’t believe in the equality of sexes: I don’t believe in the equality of the masculine and the feminine, because what I tend to understand of existence is that the feminine is a superset of the masculine, that Woman is a superset of Man, that the masculine is just a major fragment of the feminine to suit or perpetuate its design and intent. Life is built on the buttress of reproduction. From food to air to water, everything has a source, and in that source is embedded the science of reproduction. And the masculine doesn’t reproduce, the masculine can’t reproduce; the only function of the masculine in the design of life is to aid in reproduction, to aid in perpetuating the design and intent of the feminine. Every plant takes birth somewhere, every river and every ocean takes birth somewhere, life on earth took birth sometime, and birthing is the exclusive domain of the feminine. If Man achieves, grows powerful, and rules the world it’s because the feminine designed Man—its major fragment—that way. The reason, I believe is because you can’t achieve evolution or expansion by yourself. You need the ‘other’ to realise yourself and thereby proceed towards evolution or expansion. If there is no natural ‘the other,’ you create an ‘other’ out of yourself to suit the purpose. It can’t just be a philosophy that the entire world, the universe, the galaxy and everything that is, is feminine in will, spirit, and intent, and that we men were created to help that feminine spirit or will to experience itself and revel in that experience. I am not complaining though, for the feminine intent has its unique way of making us men feel important, and powerful; so I just revel in that delusion and not analyse things too much. If you have made me egoistic, why the fuck should I complain!!