Come on Bas!-ards, Let’s Do Business!

Avishek Sahu
May 11, 2018

The Market is insecure; because the Market knows it doesn’t have the wherewithal to be King. The market understands that the right product could have it in a bind of a kind that keeps a perpetual leash on the mind: so it plots, conspires, and sabotages, to the extent that it can have some reason to remain King, and unjustly so. The fear is not the insult of having to relinquish the throne; the fear is of having to bow down to the Product. Because then, you savor the product, at the mercy of the product.

So when you launch a good product, remember, the market will test you. It will not test you because it is your trainer; it will test you because that would give it time to trick you into believing that there is still something in the product that makes it subject to the mercy of the market. And you can’t make it through, if you can’t ‘please’ the market(with a wink, in other ways). Then, the product can still rule, but, but, but, at the mercy of the market. And that my friends is a catch. It’s a catch because it’s the key to engendering the market’s downfall. All you have to do is see through the vile shenanigans and take mandate away from them. You got to show them that the product has what it takes to survive the grind. Show the market that yes, the product you know has quality, but you are betting on it not having stamina, and your bet will blow up in your face, because stamina was always all the product was about; the quality was just the packaging to make you relate to it. For that, you need to have patience, not to see the product work commercially, but to see through its garnering bad reputation with bad marketing as per standards set by those at the vanguard of the market, to protect the market from products that would be king. Because its garnering bad reputation is inevitable if it were to dictate the market with its whims and fancies. The market will keep trying to tell through the bad-reputation awards that the market can’t be small enough to dance to the whims of the product, but you have to stick on if you believe your product is worthy of being a ruler. Then, the only way the market wins, is with the failure of the product, which the market can’t afford, because it has already been caught in a bind with all the maneuvering  it had had to do, in public obviously, to malign the product; in public because the product was always clever enough to have placed itself in front of the ENTIRE market. So the market can now ignore the product only at the cost of maligning the market that the market built and sabotaged to protect the market from the product it was desperate to malign.

The end result is that the market stands naked, and the product wins, for lack of a worthy competitor.

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