Painted You Silly With My All Idealistic Broad-Brush

Avishek Sahu
September 19, 2017

Roamed the streets feeling merry from the betrayal
Let’s stretch it I thought to see how’ll be my portrayal
When a friend asked me to imagine a water body
And I chose a waterfall to see so much pain on a nobody
Didn’t take it to heart, I was young then but not so callow
I knew I’d win, but the hopes just couldn’t make me shallow
Didn’t know what … Read the rest

Secularism Has Been Reinvented!

Avishek Sahu
March 21, 2017

Saba Naqvi writes in a TOI editorial that ‘There is actually precious little that the Indian secular state has given the Muslim community except to ensure that they live for eternity in the museum of stereotypes’. That is true; very true indeed; but that’s because the concept of the Indian secular state was created to give the Muslim community very little and fob off the consequence on the eternally repressed … Read the rest

Heady in the Habitat!

Avishek Sahu
March 16, 2017

Spun me a line to crease the pant I wore last time
What pant is a pant that won’t let me build a dark rhyme
That I need when the zip gives way to the fly trap
And the mood just don’t seem to snuffle her damn claptrap
With the grunt giving way to the schmooze of a lifetime
I can’t keep it apart for the birds singing two-time… Read the rest

Gimme Burgers, Cigarettes, and Buds

Avishek Sahu
October 14, 2016

Onto the mantle, set up to clear through the rut
Frozen from chaos, that was built up to tear through the hut
It won’t be so easy, to bring on the light of the day
That was stolen from workers, toiling to keep slime at bay
Lofty and drifty, the flowers that shine through the light
Craving for filth storm, that wipes all the class and the might
But it … Read the rest

Love You She Won’t Till Her Biggie Rides Your Quarterback

Avishek Sahu
August 30, 2016

To all those willies pining hard for your babies’ love
Hands in the air spewing charms for the quick shove
Whooping all those seers shouting loud for the moksha
It ain’t maya in the plains when her blessings come like bheeksha
You said sorry in a jiffy with the swallow of the bitter pill
You felt jarry and so iffy when she introduced you to her last kill
Now you … Read the rest

Hot Yoga on Wet Strips

Avishek Sahu
April 5, 2016

Hey Guru Guru, could you give me some yoga
Could you give me some freedom to numb out the rut?
That has me all sliding on and through circles
That circle my dear past and my life in that hut
Would you not tear me apart at the center
And breathe me anew with the charms of a blank slate
Would you not break through to the wonders of the … Read the rest

Leather & Sweat

Avishek Sahu
April 5, 2016

See the share brokers selling the soft shrift
Hedged on a gonner’s bet saving his pride
Asking to be taken beyond the sunset
When the whiskey could be taken in receding tide
When was the living so chaotic and dry
When was the success like singing a duet… Read the rest

I am Left and You are Wrong—Indeed!

Avishek Sahu
December 30, 2015

This is a response to an article published at the following link:


It may not behoove a liberal to respond specifically to an item that counters his views. But there is a piquing aspect about this item, which is that it is written in good prose, in fact, in very good prose—the kind of dancing prose that you associate with evolved journalistic writing. So the author readily merits

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