BRICS is for REAL!

Viper Inc.
April 25, 2018

It is an established inalienable fact that the subcontinent and some other developing nations are treasure troves of English Writing talent. But the point is, they will never be published by the Penguins and the Harper Collins unless they get a creative writing degree from the Ivy League!

Given this scenario, it is sheer lunacy to not acknowledge the value that companies like #Amazon and #Ingram bring to the table of aspiring authors groping in the dark to find a way to an audience. They have not just dared the most damningly influential industry bigwigs in their own arena, but have also successfully taken them on in many other ways. So it is ghastly to note that many independent authors are complaining at the revenue sharing model of these well-meaning enterprises. The Penguins and The HarperCollins have built a severely entrenched distribution system around decades of enjoying customer goodwill and trust. To take on the blatant breach of trust that subsequently ensued, there had to be enterprises, that recreated that labyrinth of distribution built early with the words of the finest writers oblivious to their contribution towards building the empire’s finest gate-keepers. And recreating that labyrinth has ought to cost money and effort. It’s our duty to enable its upkeep and nurture its reach.

Independant Authors need to contribute at establishing a fluid, deep-tentacled distribution system that totally bypasses the need for mainstream publishing recognition and sets the tone for the emergence of vicious English writers that can turn the power system on its head with only the power of their words. There’s always money to be made by somebody. If these guys don’t, the same old Penguins will, and the only way we’ll ever get published is when we deposit our liberty at the alter of the Pulitzers and the NYTs.

Trust American Enterprise; if there’s anyone that can stand up to European Imperialism and not bat an eyelid, it’s these guys! #IndiePublishing #CreateSpace