Avishek Sahu
February 25, 2017

Most people when working in an organisation face this psychological situation where they think they are being underpaid, or that they are worth more. This is how it should be, because a platform is designed so you can perform on it, not sit back and sulk. At these times it is important to realize that you are not really being underpaid, that the organisation life-cycle at most times will not match the speed of your performance or progress. To give the organisation time to reorient itself to match and reward the new competency awareness generated in the past cycle is an elementary design that behooves all ambitious employees, and must be pursued with zest by all those who seek a rewarding career unless they fail to realize that the fulfillment of personal potential depends on a wide variety of factors that have nothing to do with personal competence, for had that not been the case, we’d not have substandard celebrities peddling nonsense for fun!