America, Please save America, if not for you, then just for the likes of us!

Avishek Sahu
April 25, 2018

US always felt relatable from TV; not the New Yorks and the Seattles, but the Philladelphias and the Detroits. US was great because it was a blue-collar dream; it was the ideal manifestation of blue-collar prowess grown up from being exploited as labor, to calling the shots in the most unprecedented ways. US is US as long as US remains blue-collar. Aspiring to aristocracy may be tantalizing but can bring about guilt that cannot be wiped out in ages. Destroying one great city may be unpardonable, but destroying another great one could invite the wrath of whatever it was built out of in a way that makes reconciliation at home an exercise in suspended grandeur gone wrong at the altar of European validation of a nascent aristocracy made nascent only by the evil eye of the ruler that ruled 200 years back!
#Baghdad #Damascus