About Me

Hi I am Avishek Sahu,

It’s been long that I have actually noticed what makes progress in the lives of people and corporations sustainable. As a result, I have come to appreciate alternate politics and socio-economic initiatives. The content of this website originates from that point of view and may or may not point to any specific agenda.

I was born in Rourkela, Orissa, India; grew up in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India; and live here with my wife Anita, and dog, Diesel. I also have my parents around to drive home some caution that I have often thrown to the winds! Growing up, I pursued Tennis seriously and toured many cities in India playing national and international level tournaments. After initial years of schooling at St. Joseph’s High School, Bhubaneswar, I spent three eventful years(Grades VIIth, IXth, and Xth) at TI Cycles Royappa Tennis Academy in Chennai , where I trained under Mr. Jai Kumar Royappa, an ex-Davis Cup player from India. Post High School, I took up academics more seriously and after graduating with Physics(Hons) from BJB College Bhubaneswar(Utkal University), went on to pursue PGDM(Variant of MBA in India) from SPJIMR Mumbai, a premier B-School in India.

I started this enterprise to promote my first work of fiction ‘For A Pint of Mother’s Milk’, but over a couple of years, I have taken it in different directions just to be able drive home the viability of the book, which happens to be dangerously edgy, and of me as an author. In doing so, I have managed to build competencies that I hope to leverage in my efforts to make ‘Views From The Left Publishing Project’ a force to reckon with in the Fourth Estate!

My TransUnion CIBIL Score as on 20th January, 2019, is 797.



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