A Hindu Pakistan

Avishek Sahu
December 28, 2015
A Hindu Pakistan is still a Pakistan. Why is it that two countries that were formed at the same time went such different ways–different ways not in terms of GDP or Microsoft’s blessings, but in terms of robustness of Civil Society? That’s because the essential fabric of Indian Society–protected by the Judiciary–is dictated by Hindu principles of fairness, freedom, equality of justice; and Pakistani Political Society rejected these principles, for their being essentially Hindu. That’s because the Judiciary in Pakistan ceased to be independent. That’s why Pakistan loves the BJP! They would like nothing better than having a Hindu Pakistan alongside them. That’s not surprising. What’s surprising is that many educated Hindu’s in this country also want a Hindu Pakistan! Jai Ho Amreeka; you truly create magic with Facebook! Still, for those who want a Hindu Pakistan, remember: No liberal, freedom loving Pakistani would be happy with the state of affairs in Pakistan. Remember the terrorist attack on the school in Lahore; these hardliners are only against one thing–intellect.