About Islam, From a Logical and Observational Point of View!

Avishek Sahu
April 30, 2018

Muhammad is not Islam; Islam is Muhammad; Muhammad is greater than Islam, and the reason for style and glamor in the world. If Shiva gave us tehzeeb, Muhammad took that tehzeeb and gave us a heady concoction of style and tehzeeb. If the world today wallows in Fashion, Music, and Entertainment inspite of the serious conservatism in Christianity and other world religions, it’s because Muhammad stipulated the celebration of the … Read the rest

Why Brian Lara is The Best Batsman in The World, Ever!

Avishek Sahu
April 28, 2018

Now this is a recreational analysis from a relative layman’s point of view and should be taken with a pinch of salt. This is written with due and adequate respect to some of the greats of our world. No disrespect whatsoever is intended towards anybody mentioned herewith:

Why Brian Lara is the best batsman in the world.

Now to judge the strength of a batsman, if you need one yardstick, … Read the rest

America, Please save America, if not for you, then just for the likes of us!

Avishek Sahu
April 25, 2018

US always felt relatable from TV; not the New Yorks and the Seattles, but the Philladelphias and the Detroits. US was great because it was a blue-collar dream; it was the ideal manifestation of blue-collar prowess grown up from being exploited as labor, to calling the shots in the most unprecedented ways. US is US as long as US remains blue-collar. Aspiring to aristocracy may be tantalizing but can bring … Read the rest

About Taking on the Biggies!

Avishek Sahu
April 25, 2018

All #CreateSpace and #Ingram ought to do is identify 5 books out of their platform that can make a killing in the market, and then go all out to reach every corner of the globe with these 5 books, either through established national level distributors or through expatriate hires in individual countries working for the sole purpose of getting these books to every corner of their homeland. Money to be … Read the rest

BRICS is for REAL!

Avishek Sahu
April 25, 2018

It is an established inalienable fact that the subcontinent and some other developing nations are treasure troves of English Writing talent. But the point is, they will never be published by the Penguins and the Harper Collins unless they get a creative writing degree from the Ivy League!

Given this scenario, it is sheer lunacy to not acknowledge the value that companies like #Amazon and #Ingram bring to the table … Read the rest

For A Pint of Mother’s Milk (The Poem)

Avishek Sahu
April 22, 2018

This is a poem from the eponymous work of fiction by the same Author! This occurs in the last part of the book suggesting what the female lead had gathered out of the life of the male lead from the time they had shared together. The female lead–Sonal Dutta–happens to sell the rights to this poem that she had penned, to a Malaysian Rock Band that goes on to release … Read the rest

Just Another Day in The Life of A Gangster

Avishek Sahu
April 19, 2018

In the teens oh so beans wondering where this all will lead to
Can’t be no gentleman with all that I had to now pay heed to
But life still had to go on and money still had to be made
If not with the jiffy of a collar, it had to come with the Ace of Spade
But the blot had so soon been absorbed, the law had taken … Read the rest

10 Things Indians will realize 50 years hence:

Avishek Sahu
April 16, 2018

1) Pakistan was created by the Temple to teach Hindus a lesson
2) Cricket is in the art, not in the records or money
3) What you are embarrassed of is always what’s saving you
4) Parents are always smarter, irrespective of generation gap
5) The Temple recommends pain for a reason
6) The world had always been laughing at us for seeking validation from outside
7) Food is everything… Read the rest

The Constitution of India

Avishek Sahu
April 15, 2018

There was a time the Temple did really well. The history about the Gupta and Maurya empires proves that the Temple along with the kings did a great job at managing society. People respected the temple as an authority because in those days, people saw material and spirit as a duality. Things were less explainable, so the spirit was more magnificent. You didn’t understand the spirit too well, so you … Read the rest