Left on No-Man’s Land

Avishek Sahu
November 30, 2017

Beat the gimp up and get the fountain out
Then we could sit on our haunches and have the honey spout
With fancy Crème to be peddled out loud
There isn’t much to miss to be admired and wowed
Hitch market was tough with so much to save
Nothing that had mercy, nothing of value that the cupid gave
But here came the bozo to helped keep the see-saw stable… Read the rest

Shit-Eating Mascots of Money

Avishek Sahu
November 24, 2017

Look who’s been plotting from the beginning of time
Massaging the infant with ounces of lime
Hoping for their prescience to lie about the future
And the dark black days needing no inch of suture
If only it had been theirs to keep
Or sown in their fields to bounce and beep
Or not taken from here to brandish as their own
With a literature too haute in which stalwarts … Read the rest

The Squeeze of an Agent Provocateur

Avishek Sahu
November 20, 2017

The shoes that I bring turns the knob on the people
When the shrink and the dink want to sob with the steeple
For a bipolar disorder that went past the finish line
And a new world order they had waiting in clound nine
If only they had known that the bungalow isn’t the source crime
But the harsh black letters begetting cash through the dirt and grime
Spilt while … Read the rest

Wallow In The Charms Of A Slapdash Succubus

Avishek Sahu
November 17, 2017

Woozy as a bozo about what keeps the ball turning
Crazy and so lazy about that that gets the mojo burning
It’s been oh so long since I chased a damn dame down
But the fruits of those days can only but make you frown
So got back to what’s best after those snuggling up embers
And got deep in the rut built to please the dear members
Singing he’s … Read the rest