The Rough Shards of My Psychic Pentimento

Avishek Sahu
November 28, 2016

Fantasy is my forte, with the brush that makes up my dread
Isn’t it what settles, when I have to walk a thousand miles for a morsel of bread
What good is sex then, if to get it I really have to lay bare my soul
And tell you out loud, that yeah, I have asked for it, only to be told to go bowl
At the games of her … Read the rest

Price Tag on The Bushwhack

Avishek Sahu
November 19, 2016

Swirling your long locks to whiff me through the bad deal
That I had to be signing on to see me pinching her zeal
That you’ve been up gazing down to plot me through the mishaps
With the pawns of your madness feeding me their sweet schnapps
The smile that you once flashed at me, I knew you were some big shot
With the bosses oh so humdrum falling all … Read the rest