Burn a 100-dollar Bill

Avishek Sahu
October 21, 2016

Creeping up to freedom, from the bitterness of blight
When the gossip of the gonners, had me scrambling up for light
To shine upon the greyhounds so silly from the fear
You want a leash around the muzzle to strangle up their rear
Ain’t going to the movies, a struggle of a kind
When the heinous tits of treason, want you in a bind
How then do you profess, that … Read the rest

Gimme Burgers, Cigarettes, and Buds

Avishek Sahu
October 14, 2016

Onto the mantle, set up to clear through the rut
Frozen from chaos, that was built up to tear through the hut
It won’t be so easy, to bring on the light of the day
That was stolen from workers, toiling to keep slime at bay
Lofty and drifty, the flowers that shine through the light
Craving for filth storm, that wipes all the class and the might
But it … Read the rest

Why I Support Trump!

Avishek Sahu
October 12, 2016

I drive a Ford. It’s a small Ford Figo car, that Ford started as its version to take on the entry-level segment here in India. It looks ordinary, so much so that relatives have known to reject buying that model because it looked ‘too ordinary!’. But it drives like a beast: I have done more heavy duty driving in it in the last five years than I am sure many … Read the rest

Walk in the Gimp Land to cease being a Paradox

Avishek Sahu
October 9, 2016

Groaned to the licking of the sweet tongue in season
Tried to go picking off the new buds of treason
It ain’t going to flower with the shitheads in breeding
Nor will it glower at the ones I go needing
So wild though it screams at the blind men in city
Asking for the dime that I have begun to just pity… Read the rest