No Saints!

Avishek Sahu
September 5, 2016

Gandhi fights away for freedom, but he was ‘imperfect’; St.Teresa spends her life helping lepers but she had an ‘agenda’; Mandella bought good-sense but he had ‘issues’: this does not mean that people are bad or ungrateful, this just means that people can’t handle charity, and they can’t handle a favor done to them especially when it puts them to shame. That’s why I’d like to take away any scope Read the rest

Going Bonkers Within Four Squares

Avishek Sahu
September 2, 2016

Fry me some eggs with some pepper grown in Mideast
Heating up at seams from the locals chasing wild feast
Of them goats and the camels grown to yeah out the blah blah
And the birds in the bush that if just two would be hoopla
Eating up the cant like it ain’t dispensed from the punies
Beating up the plant of the Don and the moonies
Hoping for a … Read the rest