Love You She Won’t Till Her Biggie Rides Your Quarterback

Avishek Sahu
August 30, 2016

To all those willies pining hard for your babies’ love
Hands in the air spewing charms for the quick shove
Whooping all those seers shouting loud for the moksha
It ain’t maya in the plains when her blessings come like bheeksha
You said sorry in a jiffy with the swallow of the bitter pill
You felt jarry and so iffy when she introduced you to her last kill
Now you … Read the rest

Red Hot Yen

Avishek Sahu
August 25, 2016

Pissed on the floor, dissed on the boar,
had him up for grabs when the wind came to roar
Cursed to the air, for goodies in the fair,
stolen from the grannie that you can’t seem to bear
Took her to Rome, fed her some gnome,
groaned her some tickle while she bought you back home
Then came the mart, built by the tart,
dispensing all the lollies while you … Read the rest

Throw Me A Grunt That Nips the Thought in The Fright Night

Avishek Sahu
August 16, 2016

Trick of the fast made to truck through to heaven
Made of prunes so ripe and the mavens so craven
Over the fields of grey and the meadows that beaver
With their hands on the bun and the Firefox lever
Hunch me the punch that took its time to land near
Throwing me awry and running off in fourth gear… Read the rest