Avishek Sahu
January 31, 2016

Braised on the grill till you search for the welfare
It won’t be too much to shout out for grey hair
When we all come to know that no waif can be brooked there
When the world walks to you thinking you know the right share
There can be no dick in the chair of the house now
When it’s all come
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Cow Tales

Avishek Sahu
January 30, 2016

Cream to be had with the buzz of my true joy
Grown to be mad feeding buds of my big boy
Won’t be too much to ask me for some more
Ain’t we the guns of the war and the white boar
Breed me to feed through the guts of the champions
Creed do no heed it’s the year of the crampons
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Holy Cow

Avishek Sahu
January 30, 2016

Done to no hilt don’t yank through the neck slow
Gone feeding milk it’s getting cold in the wind blow
Frost in the thick calling me on to front yard
Save me for cheese that’ll blow through the pink shard
Yeah save me for now not because I like to die slow
Doesn’t make me a difference if it’s now or near
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Ministry of Porn

Avishek Sahu
January 21, 2016

Mongrels on the flush, bring on the blue train
While on goes the cricket, tearing for some bush
Trying for some tea cakes in the end of its disguise
Clinging to the mad house in the spread for the push
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Money (A take on the Pink Floyd song)

Avishek Sahu
January 19, 2016

Hitting below the belt, with what you call evil
Taking me for a ride, with your arms around the devil
Dissing what you choose to have the likes of us ignore
In the piss march you take through the lives of us galore
Thinking you can con me being the perverted fucks you are
Saying that’s why we are like that, it’s
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Men are from Mars

Avishek Sahu
January 18, 2016

Grim as the sunset, it’s tough to be wise
When as luck would have it, we were built to arise
From sorrow and fear that we would not have known
Had we no one to love, with no chink to be shown
But love we do spread, to ones that are dear
Who still have nothing but us to fear
When we
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For a Sister and a Friend

Avishek Sahu
January 17, 2016

Fraught with the fear of grandness and blight
I yanked about through day and the night
Looking for wisdom that I had imbibed
From my mother of freedom, yet friend to be jibed
Friend for she stood by, when times were too bad
Never to give up, when the world had her mad
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Sunny Days

Avishek Sahu
January 17, 2016

Diss you no more for the love of the money
Tough to be good when the crux is all sunny
Won’t be no crime to go on with the bumble
When pushed to survive through the fear of the humble
Slice you may now through the butt of the wild things
Wait to be vowed by the cries of the hot springs
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Hush, Hush

Avishek Sahu
January 16, 2016

Okay okay it’s all for the fun now
To spare me the gun that has me ill some how
Whistling and honking to end him the long night
That he goes bunking to have her in real tight
It’s all getting snowy in the dint of the grand stand
I wish I could get by with the strength of a hair band
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Fruits of Failure

Avishek Sahu
January 16, 2016

It was a day in the cold for the gent
Bright as the grey could have been
Grown to find what was so valued
By the peers he could not have seen
Keeping the canvas to themselves
So they could paint it in glue
And have him stick on his wares so
He just wouldn’t have him a clue
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Avishek Sahu
January 15, 2016

It all comes to rain on us even
When the skies open up in pain
No dough will save you from the madness
That you go hiding in vain
It won’t make you feel any better
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Love Poker

Avishek Sahu
January 15, 2016

What is love if not a rut in the psyche
That we stumble into on the back of a lie
A lie that we were special and different
From the hicks that hunger and cry
Hicks that toil in the junkyard
When we go out dancing for kicks
On floors that were built with their hammer
That winked when you gave me
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Not Just Jazz by the Bay

Avishek Sahu
January 15, 2016

Jill comes calling on the edge of a platter
Says it ain’t no joke to go hump on a barter
When eggs are so warm in the midst of the forties
It helps to prevent the death of the sorties
Stripped to persist inspite of the blue shine
Come hither now, it’s the dance of the vulpine

But I ain’t no hick
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The Turbaned Waif

Avishek Sahu
January 14, 2016

Counter in the patio dissing up some rum
Butter in the oven pouting for the thrum
Countless are the ways, that fear of pain divides
Funny are the days, when the cost of fun subsides
Pray out in the open, when dumb leers persist
Creaking out for comfort, no must shall I resist
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Puddle of Okay

Avishek Sahu
January 13, 2016

Crush of the black on the black of the grey
Was made to relive the cold night and day
Made to retrieve in the fright of the flight
Didn’t care to deride the wrath of the knight
If she had to sing the songs of the rhyme
Spare me the puns of the sweet year in time
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Avishek Sahu
January 11, 2016

Torn in the world of the creeps and the foo lords
Drones out of sorts in the land of the beau bods
Crying out in tears for the crumbs and the peanuts
Hoping end is near for the doors and the doughnuts
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Will of the Night Spots

Avishek Sahu
January 10, 2016
Bong on bong on you’ve been just bong on
nights in the shelter loading the slow pawn
Groaning from freedom brought from the lice eggs
dissing the free cons that come with the small pegs
Bringing to life what we called the laughter
bowing to bad blood spilt on the master
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Year of the Seven Seas

Avishek Sahu
January 10, 2016

Motley cocks sing here comes the freefall
Longing, bonging, recall the footfalls
All through the jungles submerged in real time
Counting the hearsays spring boarding dark rhyme
Fraught with no danger that spilt through the old days
Bucks from the rangers were built to cut both ways
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Smell of the Dark Buns

Avishek Sahu
January 10, 2016

The dome has to play stiff to get through the bozo’s
Tough are the days running scared from the hobo’s
Job does it have to keep The Ghost in humor
Or wilt does it fast to the nukes and their tumor
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Code and the Red Line

Avishek Sahu
January 10, 2016

Hunt me a bird that feeds off the steeple
to bed with the nauch girls and stare at the peepal
behind what you call forth to press up a good time
only then can you find out they sold you the short dime
So on comes the scholar with a stick out to shoo shoo
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Avishek Sahu
January 10, 2016

I saw the fruit cakes marching through the mountains
When hicks of the mankind sifted through the fountains
Tribes in the know-how cried for the soothsayers
End this bee war else die with the naysayers
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Hymns of the Wild Tunes

Avishek Sahu
January 9, 2016

Jinn in the fort wants cult of the red-whites
For will of the union lost in the last rites
When drones of the crude kiss dimes of the blue ghoul
Time for the Chinks and the Chess-brains to play foul
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Blood over Maple

Avishek Sahu
January 9, 2016

Cud on the streets in the war of the big time
Found me the fun that lasts me a life time
Thanks to your blood more thick than the maple
That I made to rise over wrath of the people
Don is a gay to keep up the good dime
Con in the fray to make him the sweet lime
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Long Mile

Avishek Sahu
January 9, 2016